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My name is Beth Bruch, and this is my website. I am a sophomore at Texas State University in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I am a DMI (Digital Media Innovation) major with a minor in Media Studies.

If you need to reach me here are my socials!

It is important to keep up with social media trends, especially as a DMI student. To make sure that I'm up to date with trends I make sure that I have accounts on most social media platforms. Underneath I have linked all my personal accounts as well as an account I run called txstateaffirmations.

    beth.tries on Instagram

    bethtries on twitter

    beth.bruch on facebook

    txstateaffirmations on Instagram

My Portfolio

I like having a place to present all my work for anyone to see. It's a way to show my skill and growth over time. My current portfolio is on Canva, but I will be designing this page to function as a portfolio as well.

    my portfolio on canva

Contact Information

For more information, you can email me