This page is going to be dedicated to presenting my work from my Web Design and Publishing class.

Bootstrap and Multimedia

photo of Rease Young

For this project were had to make a webpage using bootstrap as well as a video project over a particular topic. I chose to talk to a Texas State student about how she goes about self-care and de-stressing.

Wordpress Final Project

logo for Video Studio Bruch Media Advising

For my final project I created a digital media advising company that specializes in web-design, social media management, and social media branding.

For the CSS changes, I made the header and the paragraph text bigger, I wanted to make it easier to read because the theme I used had very small font sizes, I also changed to footer color to match the header. For my plugins, I used 3 of the ones we used in class, the addtoany plugin, the email form plugin and the maps plugin, I wasn’t able to find any other plugins I thought would aid my site and I wasn’t a fan of any of the other options for these plugins, so I decided to go with what we used for our demo project.